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    Web Ninja B2C (Retail) Webstores

    A Web Ninja B2C Webstore integrated with your accounting system is the smart & easy way to sell.






    How Web Ninja Works 

    Web Ninja's e-commerce platform is built in such a way that managing multiple products, different prices and displaying different information to wholesale customers is easily achieved. You can manage which products are displayed on your wholesale site and at which price to different customers or sales representatives and at the same time run a fully functional retail site syncing specific products and retail prices.






    Standard features for Web Ninja B2C Webstores

    Integrated to your Accounting Software

    Choice of Standard Template

    Content Management System (CMS)

    Login access customers

    No Transaction Fees

    Unlimited Number of Products and Categories

    Daily Site Backup

    Stock level Indicators

    Custom Special Pricing

    Selectively deploy products to web 

    Cross Sell

    Product Search – Basic and Advanced


    Product Display Order

    Secure Local Hosting (SSL)

    Credit Card & PayPal (Additional bank fees apply)

    Manual Credit Card Processing Option

    Freight by region, postcode or country

    Freight by weight, volume, order value, number of items

    Payment by bank transfer

    Payment by purchase order

    Product Options (Users Custom Fields)

    Discount Coupons

    Featured Products

    Auto-link accounting customers to website

    Minimum buy and multi pack combinations

    Google Analytics

    SEO Manager

    XML Sitemap


    Easy to update with a stack of cool features

    All of these amazing features, plus a sleek, modern responsive template branded with your
    logo & colours come standard with a Web Ninja B2C Webstore.

    Summon a Ninja


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