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    Online Ordering for B2B Businesses using Xero 

    Online Ordering that seamlessly connects to Xero

    Web Ninja’s feature rich B2B platform is specifically designed for wholesale companies. Our easy to use template-based system can have you up and running in just a few days, cutting out unnecessary double handling and add speed & efficiency to your operations. 


    Key Features with Web Ninja B2B Online Ordering for Xero users

    • Upload Stock Items and Inventory to your site to sell to your customers
    • Upload customers from Xero to your B2B Store and auto invite them to start ordering securely
    • Enforce payment terms to individual customers in the checkout (some pay cash, others charge orders to their account per their account settings in Xero)
    • Auto-sync orders back to Xero for picking, packing and dispatch

    Create and Manage unlimited price levels and discounts for your Customers through the Web Ninja Price Manager

    • Calculate new sell prices for customers based on Xero cost price or base sell price
    • Create specific discounts per product category
    • Further create specific discounts per individual SKU and customer
    • Create Qty break discounts for customer groups or individuals

    Our B2B platform allows your wholesale customers to self serve, freeing up your sales team and saving you money on administration costs.  

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